Sunday, March 30, 2008

yeah, I'm outta here!

please bookmark and rss that and all that fly shit.

peace, blogger!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

tanya morgan is not only a rap group...

they are also an opening act!

I just want to make sure folks know that I'm not sitting around
delusional and hype over any of this stuff. I just wanna make dope shit.
I think some people want to believe that we think we should be rocking
stadiums because we were on the myspace front page. LOL! YEA RIGHT.

we are an opening act right my opinion a pretty good one. we're
not out here opening though, they got us "headlining". so were not
packing out the hole in the wall spots. the worst crowd was in asheville
last november...maybe like 8 people. a lot of times its 20 to 40 folks,
but that's cus the crowds don't know us like that. but know who does
know us? the people that drive 2 to 4 hours from their town to the show
on a weeknight. the people that shake my hand and say "I'm a big fan,
keep doing it man...". the people that say "I looked for moonlighting
for like 3 months and finally found it! can you sign my cd?". the people
that catch the show in their town, and still drive out of their way to
see it again in the next town the next night. they know us.

ima be honest, I'm usually quiet during any gloating. and this aint to
blow anyone up, there's nothing wrong with being proud of yourself. its
just because I personally aint got shit to gloat about. I instead wait
around for the negative.

to those that are watching and keeping a checklist of the negative, I'm
watching with you, lets compare notes.

the difference is when I fix those, I'm a better person. you just got a

go get that mixtape.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

new orleans is crazy

there's a dude with blinking lights on his fingernails, a bunny chasing
a guy dressed asjesus, a woman drunk outta her mind in a dress and new
orleans fitted cap, and this band with a lead singer singing through an
effects thingamajig so her vocals are all waawaa-ish, and its not even
11pm yet.

the tour is going good, keep up with donwills blog for better tour
coverage, I'm just trying to chill and soak it all up for the mental

ima holla!

Friday, March 14, 2008

flirting with change.

now as a music blog, this entry SHOULD be about how i just changed my equipment or how ive been trying to come up with a new style or whatever, but nah. im somewhat of a geek and i just spent an hour transferring my blog to wordpress.

too bad you cant blog via email over there...if you could this blog would be DELETED! As we head back out on tour next week, who knows what ill have to blog about when i cant get to a computer. i dont even have a laptop yet.

its 4am and im watching pulp fiction for the 3215235th time blogging about...a blog. lame.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

those tanya morgan guys are crazy

von pea email to 88 keys (12:00am): "can we put cuddle bums on the mixtape? dj soul loves that joint"

88 (12:30am): "well...actually i want that to be on the "adams case files" mixtape first...but we can do another new one!"

von (12:35am): "you gave us another beat not too long ago so i will tell the guys we have to swap cuddle bums out and do that new joint asap! word!"

(thinking to the hell are we going to do a brand new song by monday night when everyone in the group is unavailable for the weekend??!!??)

von text message to ilwil (1:10am): "yo we cant use cuddlebums for the mixtape but he said we can still use that other joint lets try to do this i know you started it right?" (not expecting them to respond til like...noon march 8th)

don (1:11am): "man you know we take forever to finish a song"
ilyas (1:11am): "i didnt like what i did so i erased it"

(panics to myself)


ilyas (1:16am): "word up just email it and text me when you do! ill knock it out (pause on saying "ill knock it out" at 1am)"

don (1:16am): "i started writing already"

don (2:27am): "check your email"

von to don and il (2:31am) "check your email yall!!!" (rough demo of said song with my verse , dons verse, and a chorus sent)

maybe i shouldnt be saying all this right now, but im just happy that we "rose to the occasion like a first date".

we'll be doing the real version of the song tommorrow afternoon god willin...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

ima start blogging again.

but the catch is you have to comment so i can know someone is reading. i dont do it for the comments, i just wanna know someones reading!!!

i have a question for you feel like there is too much music out right now?

im looking at my itunes right now...the g unit mixtape is dope. "free at last" has some good joints on it. that fat ray & black milk has some joints on it. kidz in the hall put out a dope mixtape just now. i think the gnarls barkley new lp is good. i still want to give "we got it for cheap 3" another chance. i just got my hands on "the college kicked out" (im sorry danny, i owe you money. if theres anything i want real copies of its your albums. your albums make me want to run and get back on my solo shit asap (no dis to TM of course haha)). pete rock???? erykahs album??!?!?!

thats a lot of music i like/think i like/want to digest. not enough time to play all that shit. i still havent digested stuff from earlier this year/last year.

so my question to you is what are you listening to and is it all overwhelming for you too?

Monday, March 03, 2008

tanya morgan is a rap group, coming soon

i want to say as early as March 14th, but we shall see...

theres a method to the madness folks trust me

here's a taste of the mixtape

please spread this around if you like it/us! thank you.


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